Your level of satisfaction is our benchmark 


We strive to create a modern bathroom ambience with charm and comfort as well as to continuously evolve our products' quality and our company's services. We carefully select and test all of our raw materials and components. It goes without saying that our production processes consistently comply with the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

Before we package our products, every single one of them is checked thoroughly one more time. In the unlikely event of a claim you can rely on a 2-year guarantee which we offer for all of our mirrored cabinets and bathroom furniture. Within this period we will replace any defect part—unless it is a wear & tear part—free of charge and immediately. Should you fail to find a product of ours at one of our sales partners we will generally be able to deliver it within the space of a few days. The same applies if, upon unpacking, you realise that something is missing—just give us a ring and we will send you the missing part within the next 48 hours. We do all this to ensure that you will enjoy your Jokey mirrored cabinet for a long time to come.